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Hand Gestures Meaning In Urdu & Signs In English And Urdu


In this lesson, you are going to learn Hand Gestures Meaning In Urdu. Learn common English Vocabulary words that are used to describe different hand gestures. To become better at speaking English, you need to learn some helpful vocabulary words. When we chat on Facebook or WhatsApp we use different hand gestures but mostly we don’t know the exact meaning of the hand gesture. Hand gestures are an activity that is performed by people regularly. Here I will provide you with a broad list of hand gestures that we use in our daily life chat. Learn these symbols to improve your knowledge. If you want to  Download The PDF of this lesson then you can download it from the bottom of the page.

List Of Hand Gestures Meaning In Urdu 

As you know we are talking about Hand gestures meaning in Urdu. These hand gestures we do in our daily lives when we speak English or talk to someone. Here I will provide you a list of hand gestures meaning In Urdu. Let’s Start.

Raised Fist یکجہتی کے لیے

It is a means of expressing force or unity.

Crossed Fingers خوش قسمتی کا اشارہ

ٰIts used for hope and good luck.

Call Me کال کرنا

It’s used to call anyone.

Victory Hand جیت/فتح کے لیے

It is used for victory or success

Sign Of Love پیار کے اظہار کے لیے

It’s used to express affection or love to someone.

Waiving hand ہائے/ہیلو کے لیے

It’s often used to convey a warm greeting or a kind goodbye.

Pointing Upwords اوپر کی طرف اشارہ

In a conversation, it’s often used to highlight a point or call attention to something.

Fist Pointing Right  ملاقات کے وقت

It’s commonly used to call attention to, direct, or highlight content on the right side.

Pointing to the Left بائیں طرف

It’s commonly used to indicate a direction or draw attention to anything to the left.

Pointing to the right دائیں طرف

It’s commonly used to draw attention to something on the right side or to indicate a direction.

Tenses Biceps طاقت دکھانا

It is frequently used to convey dominance to others.

pinching  تھوڑی مقدار

It is commonly used to indicate something tiny or to represent a modest amount.

Open Hands گلے ملنے کے لیے

It’s commonly used to convey openness, adaptability, or a friendly disposition.

Thumbs Up پسند کرنا

It’s commonly employed to imply that something is sufficient, admirable, or correct.

Ok Hand ٹھیک ہے

It’s frequently used to say “okay” or “everything is fine.”

Middle Finger گالی دینا

It’s commonly used as a derogatory gesture to annoy someone or express disgust.

Stop رکنا

t’s often employed to prevent someone from working or engaging in any activity.

Rock On شور مچانا

It’s commonly used to express fervor, excitement, or approval—especially when discussing music, concerts, or parties.

Small Amount مقدار قلیل

It is frequently used to indicate something tiny or to represent a modest amount.

Express Question سوالات کا اظہار

It is frequently used to ask someone a question.

Protest And Support احتجاج اور حمایت

During protests, rallies, and activism, it’s commonly used to express solidarity and tenacity in the face of social justice, equality, or political change.

Praying Hands دعا کرنا

In many different religions and cultures, it’s frequently used to express spirituality, religious devotion, or the act of praying.

Not agreeing متفق نہ ہونا

This emoji can be used to express disagreement or an unfavorable reaction to a proposition, statement, or idea.

Hand Gestures Meaning In Urdu & Signs In English And Urdu

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