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Hello Everyone! In this Blog, you will find the General Knowledge Solved MCQs. In competitive tests, general knowledge is recognized as the section with the highest grade. It enables applicants to try as many right questions as they can, improving their exam scores overall. The objective of this phase is to determine students’ awareness of and knowledge of world events. General knowledge Test preparation for FPSC NTS PPSC SPSC KPPSC: multiple-choice questions and answers in PDF format. Get the GK multiple-choice questions and answers in PDF format for free. Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and answers for a piece of general knowledge (GK) test in PDF format.

GK Questions And Answers

As we know we are talking about General knowledge solved Mcqs. The General Knowledge section holds an important weight in most competitive tests, including the UPSC, Bank, Railway, and SSC exams. It is an essential part of these exams. We have prepared a list of often requested simple General Knowledge questions and answers to help candidates do well in this field. The wide range of topics covered by these General Knowledge Solved Mcqs can help candidates build a solid understanding of geography, history, current affairs, and more. They can easily receive the highest possible score from this part by practicing these questions.

101+ General Knowledge Solved MCQs

Here you will find the list of 101+ General knowledge MCQs that increase your Knowledge about all over the world.

  • Which is the smallest province of Iran by Area?
    A. Alborz
    B. Ilham province
    C. Kerman
    D. Tehran


  • How many provinces are in “Iran”_________?
    A. 31 
    B. 32
    C. 33
    D. 34


  • ‘Washington’ joined as _________ state of USA in 1889.
    A. 50th
    B. 46th
    C. 42nd
    D. 40th


  • What is the Capital city of Jamaica?

     A. Kingston
B. Berlin
C. Khartoum
D. Kuala Lumpur

  • Which of the following countries hosted the Football Club World Cup in 2023?
    A. France
    B. Germany
    C. Morocco
    D. Portugal


  • Which Country in the World has the most neighbors?

     A.  Russia
B. Philippines
     C. China
D. None Of These

  • The famous food chain brands “KFC” stands for?
    A. Kentucky Fried Chilli
    B. Kentucky Fried Chicken
    C. Ketherd’s friend Chicken
    D. None of These


  • “Barcelona” is the famous city of________?
    A. Spain
    B. UK
    C. Ukraine
    D. France


  • Who will host the FIFA World Cup 2026?
    A. Australia & New Zealand
    B. Brazil & Argentina
    C. US, Canada & Mexico


  •  Cricket World Cup 2023 played in _________?

A. Australia and New Zealand
B. England
    C. India
D. South Africa

  • Which university is the biggest in Sindh?
    A. Karachi university
    B. Sindh university
    C. Shah Abdul Latif University
    D. None of These


  • Which one of the following is the currency of Latvia country?
    A. Kroon
    B. Euro
    C. Lat
    D. Litas


  • ‘Toledo’ and ‘Ronda’ are the famous cities of ___________?
    A. France
    B. Spain
    C. UK
    D. Russia


  • _____________ has announced closing its services in Pakistan after two decades as of 31-12
    A. BBC Radio Urdu
    B. Sky News
    C. Al-Jazeera T.v


  • Khateeb-ul-Ambia was the title of __________.
    A. Prophet Dawood (A.S)
    B. Prophet Nooh (A.S)
    C. Prophet Yaqoob (A.S)
    D. Prophet Shoaib (A.S)


  • Which member of the European Union adopted the Euro Currency on 01 January 2023?
    A. Spain
    B. Greece
    C. Croatia
    D. None of these


  • Who Was Lawrence Of Arabia?
    A. Sir Victor Turner
    B. Thomas Edward Lawrence
    C. Syed Amir Ali
    D. Muneer Ahmed Qureshi


  • Which airline is the largest National airline in Israel?
    A. EL AL
    B. lAL
    C. Air Israel
    D. Arkia Airlines

  • The Redwing is the national bird of which country?
    A. Israel
    B. Turkey
    C. Iran
    D. Iraq


  • Adam’s Peak is located in _________?
    A. Saudi Arabia
    B. Egypt
    C. Sri Lanka
    D. India


  • Who inaugurated the Guddu barrage?
    A. Iskandar Mirza
    B. Ayub khan
    C. Yahya khan
    D. Z.A Bhutt


  • Silk Air is the airline of which country__________?
    A. USA
    B. Singapore
    C. UK
    D. China


  • Transworld Airline (TWA) was the airline of________?
    A. Canada
    B. USA
    C. UK
    D. France


  • Shaheen Air Line is the airline of ______?
    A. Pakistan
    B. Brunei


  • Garuda is the airline of which country?
    A. Germany
    B. Indonesia
    C. France


  • Eva airline is the name of the airline of__________?
    A. Korea
    B. Japan
    C. Taiwan


  • How many articles were there in the Constitution of 1956?
    A. 200 Articles
    B. 259 Articles
    C. 254 Articles
    D. 234 Articles


  • how many articles were there in the 1962 constitution?
    A. 225 Articles
    B. 250 Articles
    C. 275 Articles
    D. 290 Articles


  • how many articles are there in the 1973 constitution?
    A. 220 Articles
    B. 240 Articles
    C. 260 Articles
    D. 280 Articles


  • Aeroflot is the airline of___________?
    A. Britain
    B. Holand
    C. Russia


  • Mahan Airline belongs to which country______________?
    A. Iran
    B. Iraq
    C. Yemen
    D. Oman


  • Pakistan’s National Flag was prepared by__________?
    A. Abdur-rehaman Chugtai
    B. Liaqat Ali
    C. Chaudhary Rehmat Ali
    D. Ameer-ud-din Qadwai


  • Thai Airways International is the airline of_________?
    A. USA
    B. Singapore
    C. Thailand


  • One-Two-Go Airlines was the airline of which country?
    A. Japan
    B. Thailand
    C. France


  • Island aviation services is the government runs airlines of ___________?
    A. Maldives
    B. Indonesia
    C. Malaysia


  • War of Buxer was fought?
    A. 1565
    B. 1657
    C. 1764


  • War of Wallasey was fought?
    A. 23 June 1757
    B. 23 October 1756
    C. 23 December 1557


  • The second war of Pani Pat was fought between?
    A. Hamayoun and sher shah Suri
    B. Ahmad shah abdali and Akbar
    C. Abrahim Lodhi and hamayoun
    D. Akbar and Himochandra


  • Asiana Airlines is an airline of _________?
    A. Afghanistan
    B. South Korea
    C. Syria


  • Iberia Airline belongs to which Country?
    A. Spain
    B. Poland
    C. Serbia


  • The headquarters of NATO is located in _________.
    A. New York
    B. Paris
    C. Geneva
    D. Brussels


  • Airbaltic is an Airline of which country?
    A. Pakistan
    B. Lativa
    C. US
  • Capital of China is_________?
    A. Beijing
    B. Shanghai


  • Capital of United States is___________?
    A. Washington Dc
    B. Alaska
    C. Hawaii


  • Almost 200 million years ago the seven continents were a single landmass called ?
    A. Pangaea
    B. Gondwana


  • 1973 Constitution of Pakistan was _____________ constitution?
    A. First
    B. Second
    C. Third


  • Who was the first President of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan?
    A. Liaquat Ali Khan
    B. Quaid-e-Azam
    C. Moulvi Tameez-ud-Din


  • After how many years did Pakistan get its first constitution?
    A. 5 years
    B. 7 years
    C. 9 years


  • When Mohammad Ali Bogra presented the Bogra Formula in the assembly?
    A. 1st January 1953
    B. 4th April 1953
    C. 3rd September 1953
    D. 7th October 1953


  • Who was Mohammad Ali Bogra?
    A. Prime Minister
    B. Law Minister
    C. Parliament Minister


  • In respect of religion, what term was set for President and Prime Minister in the 1956 constitution?
    A. He may be a Muslim
    B. He must not be Hindu
    C. He must not be Christian
    D. He must be a Muslim


  • Dragon Air is an airline of ___________?
    A. Japan
    B. South Korea
    C. North Korea
    D. Hong Kong


  • Where is the biggest Salt Mine located in Pakistan?

A. Mangora
B. Jhelum
C. Sawat
D. None of these

  • The US longest bridge over water, Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, is in __________.
    A. Louisiana
    B. Maryland
    C. New Jersey


  • Which is the longest river in Pakistan?
    A. River Ravi
    B. Indus River
    C. River Cheenab


  • Which is the national flower of Pakistan?
    A. Lilly
    B. Rose
    C. Jasmine


  • Etihad Airways is an airline of __________.
    A. United Arab Emirates
    B. Qatar
    C. Russia


  • Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) is a state-owned autonomous body founded
    A. 10 Dec 1981
    B. 7 Dec 1982
    C. 8 Dec 1983


  • The Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2022 is: __________?

A. Moribund
B. Vax
C. permacrisis
D. Succulent

  • First ever graveyard of deer located in: ________?
    A. Punjab
    B. Sindh
    C. Balochistan


  • What is the other name of Mohammad Ali Bogra Formula?
    A. New Law of Pakistan
    B. Pakistan Report
    C. Third Report
    D. Constitutional Formula


  • When was the first constitution of Pakistan enforced?
    A. 8th June 1956
    B. 23rd March 1956
    C. 14th August 1956


  • What age was prescribed for President in the 1956 constitution?
    A. 40 years
    B. 45 years
    C. 50 years


  • Who abrogated the 1956 constitution?
    A. Ayub Khan
    B. Tikka Khan
    C. Iskander Mirza


 Q: Are general knowledge MCQs suitable for all age groups?

Ans: Yes, general knowledge MCQs can be adapted to suit individuals of all ages and educational backgrounds, providing an accessible means of learning and self-improvement.

 Q: How can I ensure that the MCQs I practice are reliable and accurate?

Ans: It is essential to rely on reputable sources for MCQ practice, such as educational websites, standardized test preparatory books, and trusted academic publications.

 Q: Can solving general knowledge MCQs help me prepare for competitive exams?

Ans: Yes, proficiency in solving general knowledge MCQs can significantly enhance your performance in competitive exams by broadening your knowledge base and improving your critical thinking skills.

 Q: How often should I practice general knowledge MCQs?

Ans: Aim to practice general knowledge MCQs regularly, scheduling quizzing sessions several times a week to maintain consistency and track your progress.

 Q: What should I do if I encounter difficulty with certain topics while practicing MCQs?

Ans: If you struggle with specific topics, dedicate additional time to study and review related materials, seeking clarification from instructors or online resources as needed.

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