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MCQs About Pakistan

In this article, we will explore the Most Important Solved MCQs About Pakistan. These important Mcqs will enhance your knowledge about Pakistan. A general understanding of Pakistan MCQs questions and answers for the preparation of FPSC NTS PPSC SPSC KPPSC tests. The most recent general knowledge multiple-choice exam in Pakistan includes answers to past paper GK MCQs. With the help of this guide to the Most Important Solved MCQs About Pakistan. You can take an exploration into the center of the country’s vast collection of information. Whether you’re a student studying for a test or you’re simply interested, this post is your key to knowing the important details about Pakistan. We’re going deep into the depths of Pakistan’s unique history, geography, and culture with these answered multiple-choice questions. Let’s Explore the Mcqs about Pakistan to understand this diverse nation better.

List Of Most Important MCQs About Pakistan

As you know we are talking about the most important Mcqs about Pakistan. Pakistan is a country in South Asia with a long history, beautiful landscapes, and lively cultures. In this section, we will explore the list of Mcqs about Pakistan that enhance your knowledge.

  • What is the structure of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the first Constitution (1956)?
    A. Provincial
    B. Central
    C. Semi-Federal
    D. Federal ( Answer )
  • Who opened the Pakistan State Bank?
  • A. Quaid-e-Azam ( Answer )
  • B. Liaquat Ali Khan
    C. Allama Muhammad Iqbal


  • Where was Sardar Abdur Rub Nishtar the Governor?
  • A. Gilgit Baltistan
  • B. KPK
    C. Punjab ( Answer )
    D. Sindh


  • Pakistan’s national code is?
  • A. PAK
  • B. PK ( Answer )
    C. PAK 1
    D. None of them


  • Where is Pakistan’s Warsak Dam located?
  • A. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ( Answer )
  • B. Punjab
    C. Sindh
    D. Balochistan


  • Where is Shakarparrian located?
  • Which Pakistani cantonment is the biggest?
  • In 1997, which Pakistani city hosted the OIC Conference?
  • Which country assisted Pakistan in the construction of the Sandak Project?
  • Pakistan’s general elections for 2024 were conducted on?
    A. 4 February 2024
    B. 8 February 2024 ( Answer )
    C. 12 February 2024


  • The most common product in Pakistan is
    A machinery
    B medical equipment
    C defense equipment
    D. oil and gas ( Answer )


  • Which initiative is regarded as the highest point of China-Pakistan cooperation?
    A K2 Base-camp
    B Lahore Orange Line
    C. Karakoram Highway ( Answer )


  • Which languages are used as official in Pakistan?
  •      A. English only
    B. Urdu only
         C. English and Urdu ( Answer )


  • The number of ____.The number of seats in the Pakistan National Assembly is ________.
    A. 342 ( Answer )
    B. 344
    C. 346


  • How many candidates submitted their nomination forms for the February 2024 elections?
  •     A 8,000
    B 18,000
        C. 28,000 ( Answer )


  • Name the Constitution in which Pakistan was declared the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
    A. 1956 ( Answer )
    B. 1962
    C. 1973


  • The designation of Governor-General was changed to President in?
    A. 1956 ( Answer )
    B. 1957
    C. 1958


  • Name the Assembly which passed the Act of One Unit merging all the provinces of West Pakistan
    into one unit?
    A. 1st elected Assembly
    B. 2nd Constituent Assembly ( Answer )
    C. 1st Constituent Assembly


  • What was the decision of the Federal Court in the dissolution of the Assembly case?
    A. It upheld the Governor-General’s decision ( Answer )
    B. It upheld the Sindh Chief Court’s decision
    C. It ordered to re-election


  • In the 13th Amendment, the President can not dissolve the National Assembly and dismiss the Prime
    Minister and his cabinet when it was adopted?
    A. January 1, 1997 ( Answer )
    B. July 1,1997
    C. April 1, 1997


  • 11th amendment related with ________.
    A. Minorities ( Answer )
    B. Shariat Bill
    C. Matter relating to Provinces


  • 10th amendment was made on _________.
    A. March 12, 1987 ( Answer )
    B. April 12, 1987
    C. August 12, 1987


  • _________ was made in 1977 to hold a referendum by the President of Pakistan.
    A. 2nd
    B. 3rd
    C. 5th
    D. 7th ( Answer )


  • The dissolution of the Constituent Assembly was challenged by Maulvi Tamiz-ud-Din by its speaker
    in ________.
    A. Sindh Chief Court and then Federal Court ( Answer )
    B. Punjab Chief Court
    C. Sindh Chief Court


  • When the Governor-General Ghulam Muhammad dissolve the Assembly?
  •     A. 24 October 1954 ( Answer )
    B. 26 October 1954
    C. 27 October 1954


  • In the lower House, the number of members from East Pakistan was _________.
    A. 150
    B. 165 ( Answer )


  • The 3rd report is commonly known as __________?
    A. Khawaja Nazim-ud-Din formula
    B. Bogra Report
    C. Muhammad Ali Formula ( Answer )


  • Name the person who took over after the dismissal of Khawaja Nazim-ud-Din.
    A. Muhammad Ali Bogra ( Answer )
    B. Ch. Muhammad Ali
    C. I.I. Chundrigar


  • Pakistan agreed in January 2024 to gradually alter the
  •  A. CNIC design
    B. Passport design
     C. Currency Notes ( Answer )


  • The thin corridor that runs across Afghanistan between Pakistan and Tajikistan is known as
  •  (A) Tibet Corridor
    (B) Tribal Corridor
    (C) Makran Corridor
     (D) Wakhan Corridor ( Answer )


  • Who is Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN currently?
    (A) Ali Jehangir Siddiqui 
    (B) Maleeha Lodhi
    (C) Munir Akram ( Answer )


  • Who is Pakistan’s ambassador to the US at the moment?
    (A) Chaudhry Aizaz Ahmad
    (B) Siddiqui Ali Jehangir
    (C) Dr. Asad Majeed ( Answer )
    (D) Jalil Abbas Jilani


In Summary, Gaining an awareness of Pakistan’s history, culture, and goals can be facilitated by becoming proficient in the Most Important Solved MCQs About Pakistan. Pakistan’s richness and dynamism continue to enchant the world, from its magnificent landscapes to its tenacious people. Through these crucial multiple-choice questions, embrace the voyage of exploration and learn more about the fundamentals of Pakistan.

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