81+ World General Knowledge Questions And Answers


In this blog, we will cover world general knowledge questions and answers. Everybody has completed an IQ test or just a general knowledge quiz. People are always looking to check their knowledge at the general level. Perhaps it’s a way for them to develop confidence or just the pleasure of repeating what they learn at school. We also understand that while creating a quiz is exciting, coming up with questions may be boring and time-consuming. To help you create carefully designed questions for your tests, we have accordingly decided to provide you with over 81 world General Knowledge Questions and Answers. I’ve been updating what is essential for general knowledge all over the world with the most recent World Knowledge Group questions and answers on a wide range of topics. So read these General Knowledge Questions and answers to enhance your knowledge.

List 1 Of GK Questions And Answers

Here we are going to provide you with simple world general knowledge questions and answers that enhance your general knowledge about the world. Without wasting your time let’s start!


Q: Which is the most populous city in the world?

Ans: Tokyo

Q: With which country is the “Orange Revolution” associated?

Ans: Ukraine

Q: With which field was Pandit Bhimsen Joshi associated?

Ans: Music

Q: By which ruler was the practice of military governorship first introduced in India?

Ans: Greeks

Q: Which country has the briefest Constitution in the world?

Ans: USA

Q: Which country has the highest population density in Europe?

Ans: Netherlands

Q: Bhakt Tukaram was a contemporary of which Mughal emperor?

Ans: Jahangir

Q: Who was the first person to cross the Alps with the army?

Ans: Hannibal

Q:  Who was made the Home Minister when Jawaharlal Nehru formed the Interim
Government in 1946?

Ans: Sardar Patel

Q: Which foreign country is closest to the Andaman Islands?

Ans: Myanmar

Q: Who was called Zinda Pir (living saint) in Mughal India?

Ans: Aurangzeb

Q: Which is the latest addition to the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites in India?

Ans: Red Fort

Q: Which State shares boundaries with the maximum number of other States of India?

Ans: Assam

Q: The first railway line in India was opened in which year?

Ans: 1853

Q: The first railway line in Pakistan was opened in which year?

Ans: 1861

Q: Where is the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency located?

Ans: Vienna

Q: The book ‘Diplomatic Encounter’ has been written by which author?

Ans: Arundhati Roy

Q: Which state has the largest number of salt lakes in India?

Ans: Rajasthan

Q: Who authorizes the book ‘The Rights of Man’?

Ans: Thomas Pain

Q: When the Vice-President acts as President he gets the emoluments of which post?

Ans: President

Q: Which port was specially developed for exporting iron ore to Japan?

Ans: Paradeep

Q: Which site, where Ashokan pillars exist, has the bull capital?

Ans: Rampurva

List 2 Of GK Questions And Answers

Here we are going to provide you with simple world general knowledge questions and answers that enhance your general knowledge about the world.

Q: Where did India make her debut in Olympic football?

Ans: London 1948

Q: Where did Pakistan make her debut in Olympic football?

Ans: London 1948

Q: Which city is known as the ‘Manchester of South India’?

Ans: Coimbatore

Q: The Government of India has decided to declare the river as a ‘National River’.

Ans: Ganga

Q: Which city is known for the silk-weaving industry?

Ans: Kanchipuram

Q: Which Rajput king defeated Muhammad Ghori for the first time?

Ans: Prithviraj

Q: Where were the first Olympic Games held?

Ans: Athens, Greece

Q: Which region of India was ruled by Sultan Zainul Abidin?

Ans: Kashmir

Q: The celebrated novel ‘The Godfather’ was authored by which author?

Ans: Mario Puzo

Q: What is the total surface area of the earth?

Ans: 510 million sq km

Q: Sirajuddaulah was defeated by Lord Clive in which battle?

Ans: Plassey

Q: In the human body, which are the leg bones?

Ans: Humerus And Femur

Q: Which book is entitled as ‘Bible of Communism’?

Ans: Das Kapital

Q: In which year was the first no-confidence motion moved in the Lok Sabha after

Ans: 1963

Q: Which language was used in the literature of the Sangam period?

Ans: Tamil

Q: Which is the chief industry of Afghanistan?

Ans: Carpet Making

Q: Where is the largest automobile manufacturing center in the world located?

Ans: Detroit

Q: Which was the Chola king who conquered the northern part of Sri Lanka and made it a
province of his empire?

Ans: Rajaraja

Q: From where can a Member of Parliament claim immunity?

Ans: From civil cases Only

Q: Which was the most important factor in transforming ancient Indian society into feudal

Ans: Practice Of Land grants

Q: The National Housing Bank was set up in India as a wholly-owned subsidiary of which

Ans: Reserve Bank Of India


Q: How can I keep up with current events?

Ans: Read reliable news sources on a daily basis, follow respectable writers and commentators on social media, and take part in conversations about current affairs to stay informed.

Q: Are there any advantages to playing trivia games and quizzes?
Ans: Indeed, taking part in trivia games and quizzes can be an entertaining and engaging method to learn new information, assess your knowledge, and enhance your memory and cognitive skills.

Q: What might be efficient methods for committing knowledge to memory?
Ans: Active recall exercises, mnemonic device creation, and breaking down difficult ideas into smaller, more digestible pieces are some useful methods for memorizing information.

Q: What broad information can I apply to my everyday activities?
Ans: You can make general knowledge part of your everyday routine by scheduling time for reading, listening to audiobooks or podcasts, and having conversations with people.

Q: Is there ever a bad time to start acquiring broad knowledge?
Ans: No, there is never a bad time to begin acquiring general information. You can always go out on a voyage of discovery and deepen your awareness of the world around you, regardless of your age or background.


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